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Over The Rainbow is Under Delusion’s Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
Under Delusion continue to roll and offer us beautiful songs. This time we’re going to listen Over The Rainbow.

Over The Rainbow is Under Delusion’s Single | Indie Music

This profound song dedicated to a friend of the band who is no longer on this earth is a fantastic and touching tribute.

I particularly liked the chorus, which reminded me of Rammstein’s compositional style. Obviously, the sound in this case is more mellow, but the song’s cadence has some fascinating industrial nuances.

As always the singer’s hypnotic and sinuous voice adds that touch of black magic that makes the sound of this band so haunting.

The choice of sounds is always impeccable, the vibrations of the 80s are blended with a modern approach and their compositional style ranges from alt-rock to hard rock to melodic metal.

There are a few eclectic bands like Under Delusion. I am pleased to note that their popularity is growing more and more and surely they deserve it.

Over The Rainbow is Under Delusion’s Single Out Now!

Touching and Deep!

Over The Rainbow is Under Delusion’s Single | Indie Music

This song was written in loving memory of our friend and talented musician Maxx Verkhovski. Maxx worked with us in a studio when we recorded demos of Fairy, Pain and other songs of our debut album. We had a great conversation about music, artists and music-making just a day before he passed away”.

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