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Overrated is The Freight’s Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
Overrated by The Freight is out now. Are you ready for this energy booster?

Overrated is The Freight’s Single | Indie Music

The signature sound of this fantastic band is also confirmed in this single.

I always spend a few minutes of lightheartedness when listening to their music. In this song, I felt some influences from the band led by Ronnie Van Zant.

A song that makes you want to go out and face the world with a new spirit. Like when snakes shed their skin and leave the past behind and face the future with a new “guise”.

The Freight created their sound and the understanding between them is perfect. This makes their music as solid as a granite cube.

These guys know how to play and above all they know how to compose songs and hearing them live must be a very nice experience.

Another beautiful song that I suggest everyone go and listen to.

Overrated is The Freight’s Single Out Now!


Overrated is The Freight’s Single | Indie Music

The Freight have been hard at work in the studio to start 2022… Now they are ready with 3 straight singles that are taking things to the next level! It all starts with “Overrated”!
This song is super special… It is co-written by Adam Tiro of The Freight with none other than Mr. Nick Asta, drummer for the national touring, American Reggae band “The Elovaters”!!
Nick let Adam know he had a killer chorus he was working on and shared it with him to collaborate. Adam wrote the verses and brought it to The Freight for arrangement. What they came up with is a complete BANGER of a song!

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