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Pantera is Back

Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown will soon join forces to bring the music of “Pantera” back on tour in 2023. But the new “Pantera” will be missing both Darrell Dimebag and his brother Vinnie Paul. A fan killed the first during a concert of his group “Damageplan” in 2004. The second died of heart problems in 2018.

Pantera is Back

The reunion is official. The music magazine “Billboad” confirmed that Anselmo and Brown signed a contract in the name of “Pantera”.

Historical supporters of “Pantera” are very skeptical. They think that the reunion is moved by reasons mostly of economic nature. The new “Pantera” will be lacking the two historical pillars Darrell Dimebag and Vinnie Paul.
The possible names of artists who could take their place are appeasing the disappointment of historical fans.

Zakk Wylde, the guitarist of “Ozzy Osbourne” and the “Black Label Society” will replace Darrell Dimebag. According to rumors reported by “Blabbermouth”, Charlie Benante, one of Anthrax’s cornerstones since 1984, will take the place of Vinnie Paul.

Are you curious to know where the reformed “Pantera” will play in 2023?

They will be on a worldwide tour. It will start in Japan and reach different countries in Europe and the States. Their unique concert in Italy will be on June 2nd at the Return of the Gods Festival in Bologna.
For more details check it out at https://pantera.com/tour/

Pantera is Back

The band held, indeed, its first reunion concerts in December 2022 in Mexico and in different countries of South America. Corey Taylor of “Slipknot” admitted that the new line-up of “Pantera” didn’t sound like the originals. In an interview with “Ultimate Guitar”, Zakk Wylde pointed out that the reformed “Pantera” want to celebrate the old band instead of playing like them!!!

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