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Paracosmic Collision is Enid’s Ep | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s Featured Artist is Enid and their Ep Paracosmic Collision.

Paracosmic Collision is Enid’s Ep | Indie Music

As soon as I pressed the play button I was immediately intrigued by the singer’s peculiar vocal timbre.

A voice that reminded me of Kate Bush and Tori Amos mixed together. The more I listened, the more I was fascinated by the voice and also by the musical vision of this band.

Enid offers refined melodies and never banal chord progressions. A band that spent a lot of time in the rehearsal room looking for the perfect harmony. Every detail is meticulously cared for.

Paracosmic Collision is a solid debut EP, a statement to say that these guys aren’t here to joke. Surely we are faced with musicians with a great deal of experience behind them.

I have not found any flaws in this musical project. The interpretation, execution, and production are excellent.

A band to keep under the radar also because when a band calls a song “Dream Within a Dream” I obviously like it a lot.

Paracosmic Collision is Enid’s Ep Out Now!

Redined and Mature!

Paracosmic Collision is Enid’s Ep | Indie Music

Enid means “spirit, soul”. Behind this name hides the fusion of fire and ice.

Nawal is an impulsive, compulsive and intuitive creator and composer, it is pure emotionality. When not writing, she delves into the works of English poets, creating a bridge connecting eras. Pascal, this is Enid’s temperance and wisdom. He is the one who centralizes ideas, channels Nawal’s creative ardor and hits the beat. Known as a drummer in bands like Kinsley, Blutch and The Diplomat, he integrates his rock influences into the ethereal universe of Nawal.

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