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Past Summers Notes is When Colors Are Fading’s Album | E.A.Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to When Colors Are Fading and his album Past Summers Notes. I found this Artist on Spotify and his music hypnotized me.

Past Summers Notes is When Colors Are Fading’s Album | E.A.Poets

This music is very atmospheric. I must say that as soon as I started listening to the sound proposed by this artist I breathed a sigh of relief.

It is as if this music is therapeutic and for a moment makes you forget the reality around you. The bad thoughts vanished and I focused on the sonic universe proposed by When Colors Are Fading.

An extrasensory journey to discover my secrets through music. My cerebral cortex has been caressed by these magical melodies. My synapse started sending electrical impulses all over my body making me feel alive.

I closed my eyes and imagined I was traveling on an interstellar ship. I’ve seen distant galaxies and black holes. For a moment I thought I understood the universal energy that surrounds us.

A beautiful experience that I recommend everyone to live.

Past Summers Notes is When Colors Are Fading’s Album Out Now!


Past Summers Notes is When Colors Are Fading’s Album | E.A.Poets


Ambient post-rock with a vintage feeling from Amsterdam (NL)

Solo project from Matthieu Sachs (Lethian Dreams, Remembrance), When colors are fading is a soundtrack for nostalgic memories.

“The songs are meant to let the mind wander to another place and time. I used vintage guitar effects to bring a vintage feeling to the music. The song Further away, with its bottleneck guitar has a slight “country” vibe that aims to evoke a road trip scenery, through deserts roads and wilderness. The song Distant Laughters evokes simple beautiful moments, like the laughters you could hear in a distant fun fair, getting more and more distant with the passing of time”.

Find When Colors Are Fading Here:


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