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Pipedreams is Aldís Fjóla’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Aldís Fjóla in the past but she is back now with an Ep and I want to share my thoughts about it.

Pipedreams is Aldís Fjóla’s Ep Out Now

I was already hooked by this artist’s music the first time I heard it.

Today I am really happy to be able to listen to a whole Ep. Experiencing one song after another manage to immerse you completely in the musical world created by Aldís Fjóla.

Her music is so mysterious and hypnotic that it takes your breath away. These songs carry inside them the energy of a proud culture.

Pipedreams is a sequence of tunes inspired by alternative rock and grunge. The melodic lines are unstable, courageous, and intriguing and in some moments these tracks reminded me of bands like Soundgarden and Staind.

All the musicians who collaborated in the making of this Ep played impeccably demonstrating an enviable musical technique.

Pipedreams is a solid album of exquisite quality that I suggest everyone to go and listen to.

Pipedreams is Aldís Fjóla’s Ep Out Now!


Pipedreams is Aldís Fjóla’s Ep Out Now

Icelandic based, Aldís Fjóla started to surround herself with inspiring musicians around 2012 and by time they created a creative and beautiful friendship. After years of self-doubt, Aldís Fjóla started using her own name and took creative control of her career in 2017. Pipedreams is her second album.

The album is put together with different powerhouse songs about standing your ground from different perspectives. Wasted away
is inspired by the way we think we know what is best for the people around us and get so frustrated that they are to scared to walk
through fire or take the jump for happiness. Rearview Mirror is a Krautrock inspired song about running away from the past and try to move forward from situations you don’t want to face.

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