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Planter is 1st Base Runner’s Video | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
1st Base Runner is back with a wonderful video for his song Planter.

Planter is 1st Base Runner’s Video | Indie Music

Being able to make a video that perfectly describes the mood of a song is not an easy task.

In this case, Planter’s hypnotic vibes are flawlessly described by the images. A black and white video where the director plays with lights and blurry shots to make it psychedelic.

The thing I liked the most is that this video has Noir vibes. Like the silent films of the past that even if they were in black and white, with skillful use of lights they could make you imagine the colors of the scene.

This video manages to represent the music of 1st Base Runner as the impeccable musical arrangements are able to color the nostalgic, sometimes paranoid atmosphere, that oozes from the magnificent music of this talented artist.

Planter is 1st Base Runner’s Video Out Now!

An Extracorporeal Experience!

Planter is 1st Base Runner’s Video | Indie Music

1st Base Runner’s 3rd EP “Light Roars” was released on June 13th and it continues to climb both the Commercial Specialty Charts (where it’s currently the #17 album) and the NACC Radio charts (where it’s currently #101, and the 5th highest EP).

Now, the prolific, mysterious artist has released an intense official music video for the up-tempo post-punk anthem “Planter”, directed by frequent collaborator Heather Gildroy.

Find 1st Base Runner Here:


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