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Poetry in Exile is Andy Smythe’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Andrew Smythe’s album, “Poetry in Exile,” marks a triumphant return for the refined songwriter and demonstrates his adeptness at weaving intricate melodies and profound lyrics.

Poetry in Exile is Andy Smythe’s Album Out Now

Smythe’s music resonates with echoes of past luminaries like David Bowie, Lennon, McCartney, and Dylan, whose influences are unmistakably present throughout the album.

“Poetry in Exile” offers listeners a comprehensive glimpse into Smythe’s artistic vision.

The album is a mosaic of deep introspection and fervent emotion, guiding the audience through a journey that oscillates between contemplative ballads and invigorating anthems.

“Don’t Be a Fool,” entertains with its brisk tempo and Dylan-esque harmonica solo, injecting a sense of urgency and raw energy into the album.

The song shows Smythe’s versatility as a musician. In fact, is able to blend elements of folk and rock to craft a compelling narrative.

In “Riverman,” I was impressed by the enchanting solo of the violin stealing the spotlight.

“Prodigal Song” has Beatles’ vibes in my opinion with its infectious melodies and timeless charm. The track exudes a sense of nostalgia, inviting listeners to revel in its familiar cadence.

“Poetry in Exile” is an album that demands repeated listens, each playback revealing new layers of complexity and nuance.

Smythe’s masterful songwriting and emotive delivery leave an indelible mark, solidifying his status as a formidable force in the contemporary music scene.

Poetry in Exile is Andy Smythe’s Album Out Now!


Poetry in Exile contains 13 meticulously crafted and arranged songs. Andy plays all of the instruments (except strings and brass) and covers all of the singing. There are 3 fantastic arrangements with American composer Chris Payne and Beatrice Limonti contributes some wonderful violin.

Andy Smythe is a British singer/songwriter who has been active on the London folk scene since the ‘90s. London, however, isn’t Smythe’s hometown; he is originally from Shropshire, England. But London is where Smythe developed a small but enthusiastic following. Known for his reflective, contemplative lyrics, Smythe has a variety of influences — some British, some American, some neither British nor American. In the British media, Smythe has often been compared to the late Nick Drake, and other valid comparisons have included DonovanTim Buckley, and Van Morrison (who is neither British nor American but rather, Irish). Smythe has cited Bob Dylan as an inspiration, and in fact, there are echoes of the seminal Dylan in some of Smythe’s lyrics (although Dylan has a rougher, harder, grittier vocal style, while Smythe’s expressive singing tends to be on the gentle side). At times, Smythe incorporates Celtic elements, which explains why he has enjoyed some favorable coverage in the Irish media.


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