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Powerduism is Rival Karma’s Ep

Good Day Noir Family,
Rival Karma are back with a new Ep Powerduism… are you ready for this experience?

Powerduism is Rival Karma’s Ep

The alternative rock that stands out from the crowd proposed by this talented duo is reconfirmed in this beautiful Ep.

As usual in their music, there are energetic moments interspersed with more intimate passages.

The ballad Photograph is in my opinion an example that perfectly demonstrates the compositional style of Rival Karma. A Rollercoaster of emotions with intriguing dynamic and rhythmic changes.

These guys have the ability to entertain you by giving you pure energy and introspective moments of great quality.

This is the music that I like the one that investigates the richness of human emotions.

Powerduism proves once more how this band is ready for worldwide success.

I am not surprised that they have already started touring around the world, but in my opinion, we are only at the beginning…this band will do great things.

Powerduism is Rival Karma’s Ep Out Now!

Mature and Ready!

Powerduism is Rival Karma’s Ep

After the successful release of their debut E.P. “A.Y.N.” – they were lucky to tour Germany, France, West Coast US, Italy, Spain, and open for the buzz rock band Reignwolf in October 2019, travel the world, promoting and playing their music.
PJ and Martin are modern day troubadours, and traveling has always been part of their DNA, and has imbued the band’s spirit as well.
For Powerduism, they decided to embark on a journey to depict musically all the different emotions that can arise in their day to day lives of traveling musicians and storytellers.
Of course in 2020, 4 days after coming home from their Spanish tour, the world stopped. And the band was forced into retreat and into a touring hiatus that lasted nearly 2 years (if we include future cancellations, bookers skittishness, etc..)

But loyal to their name, it takes more than a global shutdown to stop these two.
The release was put on hold, revisited with the latest world events in mind, and they took a deeper dive into their musical relationship with each other and explored new horizons.
The title track Photograph: is a track about that beautiful yet melancholic feeling you get when looking at an old photograph that is dear to your heart. They have invited anyone who likes to send them a picture that is important to them, to include in the visuals surrounding the release !

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