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Primroses is Murnau’s Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
our indie music corner is dedicated again to Murnau and their new single “Primroses“. Buckle up because this song will take you far away.

Primroses is Murnau’s Single | Indie Music

This band always manages to amaze by offering innovative songs.

We already understood that this was a band that likes to experiment. And this desire to go further is confirmed in the new single Primroses.

The rhythmic cadence and vocal interpretation are mesmerizing. During the verses, you remain suspended as if you were in eternal limbo. The light guitar riff looks like a drop that constantly falls.

Then in the choruses, the distorted guitars are unleashed, and finally, you find the energy to escape from that paranoid stasis.

Primroses is a fantastic track. The melody and dynamic structure are perfect in my opinion.

Murnau always manage to raise the bar and entertain us with beautiful songs.

Primroses is Murnau’s Single Out Now!


Primroses is Murnau’s Single | Indie Music

Quote: “Primroses is a track we’ve been working on for a while. We knew where we wanted to go but it took many practices and evolutions to come to the right guitar tone, drum parts and overall structure to get to where we were satisfied. And Ross’s final mix really brought it all together.

Primroses is everything we want a Murnau track to be: hard to tie to a specific genre, raw and atmospheric. We recommend turning your headphones on loud and taking the journey.”

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