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Protagonist is Temperature Falls’ Album

Good Day Noir Family,
Temperature Falls are back with an entire album. Be prepared for a superb musical adventure.

Protagonist is Temperature Falls’ Album

This band had already convinced me with the previous songs. This album is the seal that demonstrates once more the fantastic artistic vision of Temperature Falls.

The great strength of this duo is the ability to choose modern sounds and have them mixed together in such a way that creates a unique musical recipe.

An alternative and hypnotic music with industrial nuances and electronic details that in some moments reminded me of the atmospheres of John Carpenter’s movies and music.

The coherence and maturity of this album are out of the ordinary, all the tunes are solid and I advise everyone to listen to Protagonist several times, in small sips, as if you were sipping a glass of aged whiskey…just so you can flavor all these wonderful artistic intuitions.

Protagonist is Temperature Falls’ Album Out Now!

Unique and Mystical!

Protagonist is Temperature Falls’ Album

4th Studio Album from Norway’s ‘Temperature Falls’ Temperature Falls have grown over the years to converge at this moment in time to release a sonic powerhouse of alternative indie tracks, trip hop, industrial beats and and sprinklings of Lo-fi textures. All tracks from the heart.

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