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Pulp is Love Ghost’s Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
Pulp is the new single of Love Ghost and is out now. Are you ready to be entertained?

Pulp is Love Ghost’s Single | Indie Music

The dark atmosphere of this song is fantastic.

I really liked the melodic line of the bass that supports the whole piece. The full-bodied sound manages to create the right foundation upon which to build a solid song.

I was also fascinated by the dynamic progression of this song, a crescendo of emotions that explodes in the chorus.

The new single Pulp is accompanied by a nice video shot in the streets of L.A between the art district and the subway.

Love Ghost always manages to raise the bar, and the success they are getting on Spotify, Youtube, etc is absolutely deserved.

This band has a great fanbase and continues to produce quality songs, their future is absolutely bright.

Listen to their new single Pulp, you will be intrigued.

Pulp is Love Ghost’s Single Out Now!

10 out of 10!

Pulp is Love Ghost’s Single | Indie Music

Love Ghost’s new single Pulp is about an addict’s relationship with God. The song was inspired by Charles Bukowski and his novel Pulp, and by the band’s own struggles with depression, loneliness, drugs & alcohol addiction. Pulp’s hook is a reminder that we all struggle to find peace within ourselves.

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