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Radgie Gadgie (Radio Edit) is Crux’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Crux this time is here to amaze us with an amazing new song.

Radgie Gadgie (Radio Edit) is Crux’s Single

This is a chaotic and innovative tune. The pressing pace immediately hooked me.

A wild ride that, on the bridge that launches the chorus, reminded me of the Russian army advancing in the taiga.

This time Crux really amazed me as they managed to mix and make coexist punk, alternative rock, and avant-garde creating a fantastic track.

The rhythmic variations and harmonic intuitions demonstrate the great compositional qualities of this band that with this song will surely be able to get noticed by the public.

In some moments the madness of Radgie Gadgie (Radio Edit) reminded me of Naked City.

This is perhaps Crux’s single that I liked the most, I would say a masterpiece of creativity.

10 out of 10!

Radgie Gadgie (Radio Edit) is Crux’s Single Out Now!


Radgie Gadgie (Radio Edit) is Crux’s Single

Radgie Gadgie is Geordie slang for ‘Aggressive Man’. Technically, this is our most complex and fast paced song to date. Radgie Gadgie is a grim tale of toxic masculinity and trauma; the instrumentals creating a sonic pantomime with inspiration from Edvard Grieg’s In The Hall of the Mountain King.

Crux mixes prog-rock with punk to create a unique sound which keeps the listener on their toes. In their songs they explore real life global and local issues which as Scope Magazine stated, ‘makes them all the more appealing in an industry where songs can often be very superficial.’ Press have also noted the virtuosic talent of the band members with Ear to the Ground Music commenting, ‘Crux are an act that any listener can get behind. Not only do they have enviable talent and riffs for days, but the guys are genuinely conscious human beings.’

Crux have established themselves in the local music scene in Newcastle headlining the Engine Room, The Globe, Little Buildings, and o2 Academy2 Newcastle, playing in local festivals such as Scoop Festival, Afterlight Music Festival, and the Canny Fringe Festival, and have played gigs with upcoming artists such as India Arkin, Keiran Bowe, and Lizzie Esau. Crux have also received support from Tom Robinson at BBC Radio 6 and Nick Roberts from BBC Newcastle.

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