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Radio is The Lowtones’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
The Lowtones are entertaining us with a new single “Radio”. Here is what I think about it.

Radio is The Lowtones’ Single

The energy of this song immediately hooked me. The guitars are powerful and the voice moves following harmonies that reminded me of the Cure.

This gothic punk rock made me think of bands like Christian Death. The thing I liked the most about Radio is that the song has an intense progression and a varied dynamic.

The ease with which these guys manage to compose quality music is amazing. The Lowtones have reached their artistic maturity and are at the height of their creativity.

I’m honestly very surprised that Spotify hasn’t given them the exposure they deserve yet. This band lacks nothing to dominate the charts.

Radio is a fantastic track, aggressive and nostalgic at the same and makes you fly with your imagination.

I was already a fan of The Lowtones but now I’m even more so.

Radio is The Lowtones’ Single Out Now!

Epic and Nostalgic!

Radio is The Lowtones’ Single

‘Radio’ combines razor-sharp guitar riffs, driving bass-lines, lyrics dripping with intent, and drums that punch you in the gut.

5-piece post punk revival band from Norwich, UK. Formed in 2020 as the world went into lockdown, making up for lost time ever since.

Find The Lowtones Here:


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