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Rat From Hell is RAT BATH’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
finally, the album of RAT BATH has arrived, are you ready to go wild?

Are you ready for a free ride in the musical universe created by this fantastic band?

These guys have the sacred fire of rock burning inside them. Their rock spirit and that irreverent attitude make this music unique.

Try to imagine listening to this band live in a small basement full of people, with the smell of armpits and vomit around…what an experience.

In a world made of perfect hairstyles, well-kept nails, there are also those who don’t give a damn about these superficial things and express their instincts and their art without following commercial rules.

RAT BATH are a great band, they play very well and their songs are never banal. Rat From Hell is a coherent work where all the songs are solid. I recommend to everyone this magnificent piece of art that masterfully mixes experimentation, avant-garde, country, rock, punk … simply fantastic.

Rat From Hell is RAT BATH’s Album Out Now!

Epic and Innovative!


Rat From Hell is the freshman LP from RAT BATH, an all queer, all trans countrycore band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This band takes the emo influence of My Chemical Romance and blends hardcore punk and outlaw country to create a truly unique sound.

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