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Raw As A Jewel is Jane N’ The Jungle’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Jane N’ The Jungle is here again with a new single and video and it’s always a pleasure to listen to their music.

Raw As A Jewel is Jane N’ The Jungle’s Single

I am already a long-time fan of this band.

I have always found the singer’s voice absolutely fascinating, emphasized by choirs and backing vocals with intriguing harmonic arrangements, which seek meaning in dissonances and innovative musical intuitions.

Their songs always manage to give me strong emotions. In the case of Raw As A Jewel a sense of nostalgia pervaded me while listening. Truly an intense and deep song.

Even if they are two very different songs, I had the same feeling when I listen to Generator by Bad Religion…a special atmosphere indeed.

The desire to pursue your dream at any cost, living on the edge relying only on instinct.

Jane N’ The Jungle‘s vision is growing tremendously and more and more people are noticing them.

In my opinion, this success is deserved as this is a band that has something to say and makes quality music.

Raw As A Jewel is Jane N’ The Jungle’s Single Out Now!

Nostalgic and Intense!

Raw As A Jewel is Jane N’ The Jungle’s Single

Raw As A Jewel is about giving in to your desires and baring it all with reckless abandon.
The band dances around love and second chances, daring the listener to follow their heart.
It was inspired by the band’s feeling of rebirth and restless desire to chase their wildest dreams, no matter the cost.

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