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Reach is Temperature Falls’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Temperature Falls are creating one good song after another, this time we are going to listen to ‘Reach’.

This song is spectacular!

The industrial and futuristic sounds and the effect of the voice made me take an extrasensory journey.

Perhaps because of how the sounds were balanced in the mix, I felt this melody passing through my body as if the sound were 5-dimensional… a very peculiar sensation.

I began to vibrate when the sound waves started hitting me. The harmonic intuitions and the careful research of sounds is what distinguishes Reach.

In my opinion, Temperature Falls managed to mix the atmosphere of Bjork with some nuances of Tori Amos.

The creativity of this duo knows no bounds and is as free and wild as the Norwegian forests.

Reach is Temperature Falls’ Single Out Now!

Unique and Mystical!


‘Reach’ is the hypnotic new offering from alternative duo Temperature Falls. The pair have released a string of singles in 2021, enticing fans with their captivating soundscapes and flawless, psychedelic production. The new track blends live drums and bass with atmospheric synths with their signature soft, reflective vocals – produced to perfection with a strong dose of trip-hop electronica for a haunting soundscape that is sure to be the soundtrack to hazy nights under the moonlight.

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