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Reason is Galaxy Thief’s Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
Galaxy Thief are back with a new cool single Reason. Are you ready to rock?

Reason is Galaxy Thief’s Single | Indie Music

This band always manages to raise the bar and the mainstream vein of their music is increasingly evident.

These guys have spotted the prey and are hunting it. When you find the right vein, gold is not very far away.

Honestly, the music of Galaxy Thief has nothing to envy of the great bands that dominate the charts around the world.

I think it’s only a matter of time before the world starts talking about them.

The production and interpretations are impeccable and the melodic lines are catchy. Their new single Reason is intriguing and keeps the listener glued to the speakers from start to finish.

A band that found their own music and I’m sure a lot of people like their style.

Reason is Galaxy Thief’s Single Out Now!


Reason is Galaxy Thief’s Single | Indie Music

An original penning by the Galaxy Thief crew, ‘Reason’ exudes energy from the first bar; written by the boys specifically to be fun and light hearted, the track carries the audience along with a story that resonates for many. A band that’s tight and intuitively in-tune with each other’s every move, front man, Rhys Messenger, charismatically radiates vocal goose-bumps as he delivers his melodic tale across a sound bed of carefully crafted beats and riffs.

Originally written by band mate, Jake, earlier this year, ‘Reason’ was later completed in the studio by the full band in early Spring. Engineered, Mixed and Produced by Michael Smith at RYP Recordings and mastered by Andy ‘Hippie’ Baldwin at Metropolis, ‘Reason’ depicts the tale of a love at first sight, which results in 4am stargazing and the electrical chemistry which leaves two people captivated in each other.

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