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Rebel’s Twilight is Nikki Manos’ New Album | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Nikki Manos in the past but this artist is back with a new album and I want to share my thoughts about it.

Rebel’s Twilight is Nikki Manos’ New Album | Edgar Allan Poets

The uniqueness of sound created by this artist is confirmed in the new album Rebel’s Twilight.

Just imagine if at the end of the film “2001 A Space Odyssey” there was a Cowboy instead of the child of the stars. That may have been the very moment this musical project came to life.

A Cowboy riding in the universe, this is what Nikki Manos’ music has me thinking.

His greatest quality is that although his sound is innovative and modern it has not lost the roots of traditional music.

This blend is absolutely successful and would be the perfect soundtrack for movies like Cowboys & Aliens and maybe even for some video games.

I am very happy to have met this artist as his music inspires me to be a better musician.

Absolutely reconfirmed!

Rebel’s Twilight is Nikki Manos’ Album Out Now!


Rebel’s Twilight is Nikki Manos’ New Album | Edgar Allan Poets

When I was a kid, my grandpa and I used to watch westerns every night. I loved having that time and those memories with him. We had a massive falling out when the George Floyd protests. Until that point, he was rigid conservative, and I could not condone his support of far right politics, but once the protesters were pepper-sprayed in Washington DC during the height of the pandemic, He disavowed those ideologies and admitted he was wrong for condoning any part of what was happening with the republican party. Then suddenly right after, he passed away. It was much later that I realized this was my way of honoring him and his impact on my life. He was a rare breed of man that valued principle, character, and humanity. The character of Nikki Manos is directly based on him“.

Nikki Manos is the alter ego of L.A.-based producer Ironfist. Coining the term ‘Techno Western,’ Nikki draws inspiration from the great composers of the Western film genre (like Ennio Morricone), while incorporating flavors of 1970’s Country (like Waylon Jennings ) & lofi Techno (like Dubspeeka ).

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