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Revivals is Dynasty Four’s Ep

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured band is Dynasty Four and their Ep Revivals.

Revivals is Dynasty Four’s Ep

The energy released by this band’s music is truly contagious.

A compositional approach that takes its cue from the past but manages to be modern at the same time.

A garage, punk rock that makes you want to take the car and wander the streets without a precise destination in mind.

The irreverent and instinctive style of the Dynasty Four manages to unleash the wild rock spirit that sleeps inside you.

It feels like these guys have a great passion for music, and their passion becomes music and songs.

Whenever I hear a band using real instruments and not relying on computers and beats I breathe a sigh of relief. This is real music, where the musicians sweat over their instruments and where the band members find the chemistry by playing the tune several times.

I am glad to have found the Dynasty Four and I recommend everyone to go and listen to them.

Revivals is Dynasty Four’s Ep Out Now!

Wild and Free!

Revivals is Dynasty Four’s Ep

Separated by relocation, reunited by pandemic, Dynasty Four are a silver-lining kind of band. Fun-first yet fierce; scrappy but sincere.

Dynasty Four’s hooky collection of ear-worms deftly blend pop, punk, and surf into their own dynamic brand of garage rock.

Dynasty Four is the latest project from Nikkole Couture and Andrew Couture, the songwriting duo behind First Person Shooter, The Nancy Boys, and Jinx Malloy.

Originally formed in 2012 in Halifax and relocated to Toronto in 2014, they brought their electric live presence to local venues and small festivals throughout 2015 before releasing their debut album, Anachronisms, in December.

But less than a month later another move – this time to the UK – prompted the band to (reluctantly) part ways.

Fast forward the fall of 2020, a break in the pandemic clouds: the expats return home to Toronto and got the band back together.

This summer Dynasty Four proved that what is dead may never die with the release of their EP, Revivals.

Next for Dynasty Four is a return to live shows as they begin work on a trio of releases – Hears, Theirs, and Everywheres.

Find Dynasty Four Here:


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