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Revolt is Trummerkind’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured band is Trummerkind and their single Revolt.

Revolt is Trummerkind’s Single

This band is really intriguing. Their sound is something unique, irreverent, and futuristic that keeps you glued to the speakers.

It’s hard to find nowadays bands that have something to say, Trummerkind has a solid and mature artistic and musical vision. They are here to spread a message of revolution, to open our sleeping minds to show us the harsh reality.

These guys have managed to mix punk with modern musical arrangements creating a sort of Cyberpunk. In some moments their style made me think of bands like the Bestie Boys in other The Clash…a really interesting sound blend.

The world needs bands like Trummerkind that’s why I’m proud to talk about their project. The songs that dominate the charts are meaningless and only look for sales… true art is always done in the underground and Trummerkind is a band to follow carefully.

Go listen to them and immerse yourself in their musical universe, you will be surprised by their music.

Revolt is Trummerkind’s Single Out Now!

Wild and Irreverent!

Revolt is Trummerkind’s Single

Trummerkind are an Alt Punk Band from the UK.
Front Person Rowen Silvester a Brighton based singer songwriter, musician & artist, originally formed the band Trummerkind in Exeter Devon as a visual art piece.
With the addition of their father Robert Silvester, an experimental drummer & vocalist & Oli Sturdy, a musician & sound engineer on guitar they created a Digital Post Punk band that is fast becoming a must see & hear act.

Their songs are comprised of complex digital backing tracks, hypnotic guitar riffs, refined drums, heavy bass lines & unapologetic lyrics.

“Revolt” Their most popular song is a protest against the mass genocide of Ukrainian citizens, consisting of repeating chants & a symphony of sirens. The vocals jump from whispers to screams to create an unnerving & stand out piece.

Find Trummerkind Here:


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