Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Rewind (feat. Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell) is Michael Peloso's Single
Rewind (feat. Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell) is Michael Peloso’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Artist is Michael Peloso and his single Rewind (feat. Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell).

Rewind (feat. Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell) is Michael Peloso’s Single

Surely we are dealing with a talented songwriter and producer.

As soon as I heard the refined and delicate melody of this beautiful song my soul abandoned itself to the notes.

The harmonic construction of Rewind is fantastic and the collaboration with Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell is absolutely successful.

Marisa’s voice is amazing and manages to speak directly to the heart of the listener. A sweet and ethereal timbre that emphasizes, even more, the nostalgic nuances of this tune.

The production is professional and the attention to every little detail is obsessive.

Michael Peloso is an artist with a great compositional experience behind him. He developed a solid musical taste that allows him to always make the best decision.

A great find that I recommend to everyone.

Rewind (feat. Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell) is Michael Peloso’s Single Out Now!

Mature and Refined!

Rewind (feat. Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell) is Michael Peloso’s Single

Around the age of 14, Michael took a stab at writing his first song. In retrospect, he might not choose to play it for anyone today, but it did help him realize he had a talent. “Words are my strong suit. I’ve really had to work on developing my melody writing over the years, and that’s helped me with my lyrics, but I knew I could write a song. For him, there is no real “process” for songwriting. While his only rule is to never throw away something he wrote (because hey, who knows!), no two song writing sessions are the same.

“I will hear a melody in my head and the words begin to flow. At times, I’ve written a chorus first, or a bridge, and then the rest comes easily. At other times I’ve walked away when it just isn’t working and gone back to it.” One of the most important songwriting ‘tricks’ for Michael is tapping in to life experiences. “Life inspires & just being alive inspires me.” The fact that Michael even is alive isn’t lost on him. Diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer after a tumor ruptured and went in to his liver, With several co-writes under his belt, accolades and awards, he has, in his own words, “kept knocking on doors and knocked them down if nobody answers.” He writes because he loves it and because he respects it.“When someone tells me that something I’ve written has inspired them, or touched them in some way, it thrills me.

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