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Robert Smith Predicted Queen Elizabeth’s Death | Video

Robert Smith, the enigmatic singer of The Cure, predicted the day of Queen Elizabeth’s death in an interview he did about 10 years earlier.

We all know that Robert Smith is a peculiar character but we were missing that he is also a fortune-teller.

Robert Smith Predicted Queen Elizabeth’s Death | Video

In this interview, the lead singer of the gothic band says the Queen will die on September 7th. The year is not specified but the day turned out to be correct.

Obviously, it is just a coincidence but Robert Smith’s instinct and subconscious somehow suggested this number…crazy!

Of all the days that he could have chosen, he just got it right and picked the one in which Queen Elizabeth II left this world just a few days ago.

Given the spooky charm that The Cure brings with them, this further event that enriches their legendary career will increase the enigmatic and mysterious aura that surrounds the band even more.

Robert Smith Predicted Queen Elizabeth’s Death | Video

Apart from this strange event, Robert Smith and The Cure have been giving the world extraordinary music for years. The gothic look that makes them look like vampires has fascinated generations of fans around the world.

This time The Cure failed to cure the Queen and not even God came to her aid as the Sex Pistols screamed in their hit “God Save The Queen“.

When it’s your time, your social status doesn’t matter … in the end, we’re all just humans.

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