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Ron is Weed N’ Stiff’s Album | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Duo is Weed N’ Stiff and their album Ron. Imagine Carpenter meeting the Ramones in a 2d world like Mario Bros.

Ron is Weed N’ Stiff’s Album | Indie Music

If the comparison is not bizarre enough, add the humor of Andy Kaufman and finally, we will be in the parallel universe created by Weed N ‘Stiff.

This duo has an original artistic vision that is difficult to label. I was impressed with their music, a futuristic project with strong vintage influences.

Music mixes with video games, the sound is pixelated and fascinating like the Atari games of the 80s.

I had never met a musical project like this and it is precisely for this great originality that I liked them very much.
Their music is powerful, irreverent, and free just the way I like it.

Weed N ‘Stiffs are not here to follow commercial rules. They just follow their instinct and vision.

All the songs on the Ron album are solid. This Controlled chaos is able to mesmerize the listener. Everything is seasoned with the BASIC code that lies behind their artistic limbo.

Ron is Weed N’ Stiff’s Album Out Now!

Unique and Visionary!

Ron is Weed N’ Stiff’s Album | Indie Music

The comedic duo Weed N’ Stiff are back with a new full length album AND two new (ish?) Video Games for NES (that’s right, old school baby). In the times leading up to “Ron” they made two video games.

There’s a lot to unpack, a whole “universe” of characters in the comedic saga, primarily a “beef” with a made up band named “Moo-Cow” fronted by Joe Bobson.

Find Weed N’ Stiff Here:


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