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Ronnie Radke Sex Drugs and Jail

Today we talk about the wild Ronnie Radke. Like it or not, this guy sure has personality.

Born in Las Vagas on December 15, 1983, the artist did not have a simple life. His mother was in fact a drug addict and she didn’t spend much time with him and his siblings.

Ronnie Radke Sex Drugs and Jail

Blackfoot Indian and Portuguese origins flow in his veins. Probably his Native American blood made him rebellious like a Mustang horse running on the prairies.

Ronnie Radke did not have a loving upbringing and this has prompted him to have borderline behaviors throughout his life.

In 2004 called by a friend to audition as a singer for a band he was selected and in fact Escape the Fate was born.

To tell the truth I’m not a big fan of this band I find their sound very commercial and constructed. I prefer more sincere and experimental music… obviously, this is just my opinion and everyone is free to do what he wants.

More than the music of Escape the Fate I am intrigued by the personality of this singer.

In 2008 Ronnie Radke was kicked out of the band due to another legal problem. He was already known to justice for drug-related crimes but in 2006 the accusation was much more serious. Involvement in the murder of 18-year-old Michael Cook.

Radke and his friend Chase Rader had a strong argument with Michael Cook which resulted in a fight. Chase Rader feeling threatened, at least so he says, fired three shots and killed the boy. Ronnie Radke did not fire any shots but since he had participated in the fight he was convicted.

In 2008 he failed to report to his probation officer and was arrested. He remained in the cell until 2010.

As soon as he came out he decided to form his band Falling in Reverse.

The artist has been arrested several times for violent acts including against his girlfriend Sally Watts. He was released by paying a bail of 30,000.

In 2012, during a show at Six Flags Great Adventure, he threw the microphone stand in a fan’s head, injuring him.

In 2015 he was accused of sexual assault by 25-year-old Katelynd “Kacee” Boswell.

This renegade soul just can’t keep out of trouble.

When you are left alone in your growing years, you can take the wrong path and develop paranoia and depression. This is what happened to Radke. The rejection of his father and mother was the trigger that gave birth to many insecurities that lead him to be violent. Music can help relieve a pain that burns inside but cannot work miracles.

Ronnie Radke Sex Drugs and Jail

His best-known love stories are with model Crissy Henderson, with whom he had daughter Willow Grace Radke, and with Saraya Bevis aka Paige WWE wrestler. Given Paige’s past, maybe she’s the only one who can stand up to him when he gets violent ­čÖé

This rebellious guy has however created a halo of charm around him that has made him very popular.
As a musician and artist, he did not make beautiful music in my opinion but we must acknowledge that he still has an exciting story and life behind him.

If you want to know what music I like here is Those Who Care by Edgar Allan Poets. Let me know in the comments what you think.


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