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Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend is Jade Moede’s New Single | E.A.Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
Jade Moede is back with a new crazy single Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend. Are you ready for this wild experience?

Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend is Jade Moede’s New Single | E.A.Poets

The creative freedom of this artist always fascinates me. The effects used to emphasize the vocals are still ringing in my head.

I can’t get the melody of this song out of my head. Honestly, I’ve never heard anything more original.

I am a fan of Jade Moede because his music is irreverent. He has no borders and doesn’t give a damn about commercial music rules.

This project is a continuous experiment and at times I feel like a guinea pig in the hands of this talented artist. His music has the ability to introduce me to new parts of my personality.

The repetitive melodies and these extravagant sounds hypnotize me and create around me a world made of cotton candy.

It is as if this music were a circus and I was surrounded by crazy clowns who continue to spite me.

Jade Moede’s avant-garde vision convinces me more and more.

Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend is Jade Moede’s Single Out Now!

Wild and Free!

Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend is Jade Moede’s New Single | E.A.Poets

Quote: “’Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend’ is about a girl who was wronged and hence became a ZOMBIE. Now to the boyfriend’s surprise, Rosey was supposed to go to heaven, but instead sought revenge. The passion of this operatic, sing along, sightly twisted, but oh so classic fulfilling revenge bopping, determined find lost love song. Just tickles a smile onto the people, who ponder the wonder“.

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