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Rough Diamond is Electric High’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Electric High are back with a new single “Rough Diamond”, are you ready rock?

This time these guys are back with a nice rock song that somehow reminded me of the compositional way of the English bands especially in the melody of the chorus.

As usual, the song is produced and performed to perfection.

The rhythmic designs are articulated and sinuous and demonstrate a compositional experience like the old legendary bands.

I played Electric High songs to my friends and they all became fans instantly, everyone was impressed by the quality of their music…so here is my question:
These guys are from Norway and Spotify is Swedish, isn’t it that the Stockholm headquarters are sabotaging Electric High because they are better than Abba:)?

How can they have less than 1000 monthly plays?

Spotify you can do better for sure with your algorithm and instead of suggesting always Bieber shit, you could suggest us more bands like this… the real bands the ones that play and produce high-quality music.

Norway 1 Sweden 0 this time.

Rough Diamond is Electric High’s Single Out Now!



Electric High’s new single brings them back on the rock ’n’ roll track, lightyears away from their trippy and mystical previous output, Populate the Moon. Rough Diamond sets off like a wild rock ’n’ rollercoaster, hitting it off with an explosive riff, and into a pounding, drum-driven verse, with the two lead singers battling away about hazardous conduct in life, love and gambling. The song slides into a quieter, funky little pre-chorus, and takes off again into the big, soaring refrain. It races on through the highs and lows of a dynamic, rocky landscape, and reaches its climax in a frantic finale

Find Electric High Here:


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