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Rumors is Songs For Sabotage’s Single & Video Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Songs For Sabotage never stop and as an assembly line, they continue to produce cool songs.

This time the song of this Duo is more catchy and radio friendly in my opinion.

The atmosphere is very interesting, I really liked the melody of the chorus that hides a magical nostalgia that made me think of umbrellas on the seashore moved by the wind.

This song brings out distant memories and somehow opens your mind, it’s like a time machine, and depending on your mood, it can amplify the emotion of the moment.

I believe that this song has all the credentials to be a hit.

The sound is modern, the voice and the productions are perfect, I think radio DJs are waiting for a song like this.

Songs For Sabotage are locked onto the target and in my opinion, they are close to hitting the mark.
It’s only a matter of time but these guys are going to do great things.

Rumors is Songs For Sabotage’s Single & Video Out Now!



Quote: “For Rumors we pulled out all the cliches… 808 bass, trap hats and percussion, and a lyrical narrative that’s clearly just telling someone to f*ck off. We wrote most of it in early 2020 during the recording of our first album. It felt vicious and clever to us but we had little intention of turning it into an SFS song; in all likelihood it was going to sit in a folder for future ideas unrelated to the band.

However, amidst the endless tunnel that came later that year, we reworked the arrangement and production and began practicing performing it live. That’s when the song came alive for us; Lina opted out of playing guitar on this one, instead deciding to just spit it on the mic. She instantly embraced the freedom this allowed her to focus on performance.

Fast forward to summer 2021 (after not playing live for 18 months) when we performed Rumors for the first time at a pool party in Vegas. Perhaps it was the euphoric rave vibe of the event caused by being inside for the previous year and a half, but Rumors got such a great response that we decided to keep performing it live, and to also put the final touches on the studio version. Rumors will (probably) be our last single released until our new album comes out, which will be in late summer/early fall this year.
We shot the video for it in our neighborhood in LA a few months ago, just before the holidays. It was directed by Chelsea Lupkin (@chelsealupkin), produced by Sarah Kalagvano (@skalagvano), with Jon Shoer (@jonnyshoer) as director of photography.

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