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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – Sara Vian

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Sara Vian, I discovered this artist on Spotify, and instantly liked the vintage vibes of her songs.

Listening to Sara I felt her passion for music, a desire to sing to the world that is truly contagious.

A slightly vintage sound that reminded me of the Sunset Strip in the ’70s.

Those yellowed images of guys with bell-bottoms and long hair, the Woodstock days where people were looking for contact, the real one.

Listening to Sara Vian’s music I felt transported to a green meadow, like in Blind Melon’s video “No Rain” and opening my hands I started to take the energy of the universe inside me.

This music is therapeutic and can touch your soul.

A simple but effective production that manages to capture you completely making you travel.

I really liked the sound of the guitars, warm but decisive, that accompanies Sara’s voice that brings in her vocal cords the sound of another era.

A beautiful musical journey that I recommend everyone to do.

True Spirit of Christmas is Sara Vian’s Single Out Now!

Produced by Red Room recordings and played by Giles Read on all instruments.

An artist who discovered the time machine!


Quote:“When there are so few Christmas songs that are actually any good in this world – this song retains its gravitas whilst being genuinely joyful!

As an artist, I have been “seeking truth” since my sister died in 1989 with a background mainly in buddhism and taoism but then for the last 10 years I have been exploring our Christian heritage and would just like to share that buried within the dogma and tedious religiosity are profound gems of wisdom that can really help folk draw a line under their suffering and start building a great and full life! (starting with grateful)”

Sara Vian is a British singer/songwriter with English and Iraqi roots, born in Cardiff South Wales and currently living in the “independent” market town of Frome in Somerset, England.

Described as “alt-folk-blues” and fundamentally influenced by the counter-culture 60s and 70s folk-rock scene – with golden gospel tones and a no-nonsense performance which charms and disarms with a distinction all of her own.

Growing up, Sara was exposed to an eclectic mix of music from Led Zeppelin to Barry White by her “bare foot” mum, Pam and hippy-rocker older sister, Leila, who worked at Spillers Records in Cardiff – the oldest independent record store in the world!

In 1999 Sara wrote her first song, joined her first band and played at her first festival; going on to study Popular Music in the heritage city of Bath and attending a jazz/blues singing workshop where she was in her element, discovering a nature for harmony and improvisation whilst also teaching herself guitar.

In 2010, Sara moved to Frome and began presenting live music shows on Frome FM, which is ongoing to the present day. She now also writes reviews for Music Eye and hosts the Frome (and beyond!) Music Industry Network.

In 2015, Sara studied “Artist Development” with Access to Music in Bristol and released her debut EP, produced by Will Angeloro on Soaring Magpie Records which earned the title of “fastest selling local independent artist”.

A year later, Sara went on to release her debut album, “Wild, Free and Beautiful”, which was celebrated at the Assembly Rooms in Frome with a full band and live studio audience, broadcast on Frome FM and followed with a tour of Mayenne in France.

In 2017, the album was re-released as “Beautiful Soul” (title track) in time for a trip to the USA where Sara met Jon Bon Jovi at his “Soul Kitchen”, which catapulted her profile!

Find Sara Vian Here:



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  1. Thank you! Always great to connect – Let’s jam on Sunset Strip and let the good times roll again… X

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