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Schizophrenic Zen is The Bellwethers’ Album

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed The Bellwethers but their Album Schizophrenic Zen is full of great songs and so I want to share my opinion about it.

Schizophrenic Zen is The Bellwethers’ Album

It’s always nice to review this band as I like their style a lot.

Not only because it has some fascinating vintage vibes but also because their music is varied, psychedelic and visionary.

The Schizophrenic Zen album is full of nuances that transport you to parallel universes. Powerful rock songs leave room for moving ballads.

The traditions of American music ooze from their sound. As I was listening to their songs, I imagined driving a convertible through the endless American roads with the sole aim of wandering the world…I felt free!

I was mesmerized by the singer’s magnificent interpretation of the song Fractured. An irreverent and solid voice that makes it clear that the sacred fire of rock flows in Kim Dangerous’s blood.

Of the album in general I liked the alternation between female and male voices among the various tunes.

A band to keep under the radar as they offer quality music!

Schizophrenic Zen is The Bellwethers’ Album Out Now!


Schizophrenic Zen is The Bellwethers’ Album

The Bellwethers are an original rock band from Phoenix, Arizona. think classic 70s-era, psychedelic, punk and blues tossed into a blender and turned on high! lighting up stages since 2010.

This is a rocking, solid, front to back, top to bottom rock and blues album. It has great lyrics, haunting melodies, guitar riffs that make you swoon, and a pounding rhythm section.

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