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Schizophrenic Zen is The Bellwethers’ Single & Album

Good Day Noir Family,
today we will talk about the song that gives the title to the beautiful album Schizophrenic Zen of The Bellwethers. I already had the pleasure of listening to their music some time ago.

Schizophrenic Zen is The Bellwethers’ Single & Album

The riff that introduces the song takes you to the Louisiana swamps and makes you feel like you’re in a Coen brothers movie.

Then a distorted guitar is unleashed to create the right energy. It’s impossible not to move your neck to the beat of this song.

I felt like a moonshine smuggler running from the police. The Bellwethers are an exceptional band because they manage to mix various genres together such as rock, alternative, and country, and make them coexist flawlessly.

Their sound entertains you and fills you with energy and above all awakens the tiger inside each of us.

Schizophrenic Zen is a beautiful song…it makes me want to make a revolution. This is a band that gets you straight to the point.

They are professionals with solid and mature artistic vision. They carry on their musical project with lucid determination and they deserve the success they are getting because they are truly a great band!

Schizophrenic Zen is The Bellwethers’ Album Out Now!

Wild Ride!

Schizophrenic Zen is The Bellwethers’ Single & Album

Fran Scianna – Vocals, Guitar, Piano Kim Zinevich – Vocals, Percussion Bill Stimson – Lead Guitar Dan Scianna – Bass Guitar Corey Plueard – Drums

The single, Schizophrenic Zen, was recorded as part of the Schizophrenic Zen album with Jamison Weddle of Studiocat Productions.

The Bellwethers are an original rock band from Phoenix, Arizona. think classic 70s-era, psychedelic, punk and blues tossed into a blender and turned on high! lighting up stages since 2010.

This is a rocking, solid, front to back, top to bottom rock and blues album. It has great lyrics, haunting melodies, guitar riffs that make you swoon, and a pounding rhythm section.

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