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Scream is Neon Black Dreams’ Single | Edgar Allan Poets | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands that we find around the web. Today’s featured band is Neon Black Dreams and their single Scream. The sound of this band is epic.

Scream is Neon Black Dreams’ Single | Edgar Allan Poets | Indie Music

Scream hit my ears unexpectedly. I was immediately fascinated by this song.

Modern music with futuristic sounds that mixes also elements of the past. A sound blend that manages to stand out.

The singer’s voice is warm and sexy and she is able to speak directly to the listener’s soul.

The overall sound is solid and you are literally catapulted to a parallel universe. The new single Scream could be the soundtrack of a James Bond movie.

Neon Black Dreams is a very talented band that produces quality music. The attention to detail is obsessive and the interpretation and execution are intense.

A band that I recommend everyone to go and listen to.

Scream is Neon Black Dreams’ Single Out Now!

Modern and Intense!

Scream is Neon Black Dreams’ Single | Edgar Allan Poets | Indie Music

Scream is the latest single from Synthwave band Neon Black Dreams. Scream is the embodiment of rage and takes a much more aggressive direction than earlier songs with screaming guitars to emphasize the emotion. Crossing the midway point of the NBD story, Yara decides that she can no longer do nothing and rushes forward to save JJ. Denying all those around that say it is impossible and every doubt in her mind, she still decide to push forward because she knows her cause is just. Sometimes there is so much pain, passion, and rage inside all anyone can do is just Scream!

Neon Black Dreams grabs your nostalgia and resurrects it anew. The band has rapidly exceeded 20k monthly listeners on Spotify and continues to grow across all social media with their unique blend of influences. Blending influences of Madison Beer, Depeche Mode, The Eurythmics and John Carpenter. They have just finished their first full-length album “Kiss of the Universe”. The story being two souls forever destined to find each other through multiple lifetimes and destinies. The debut album is set in the late 80’s and details their thrilling and tragic story from Yara’s point of view. While each song is meant to stand on its own, the experience takes the listener through each chapter of this epic story creating a soundtrack to a truly emotional experience.

Find Neon Black Dreams Here:


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