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Seventh Hymnal is 49 Burning Condors’ Album

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed 49 Burning Condors in the past but they are back with a full album and I want to share my opinion about it.

Seventh Hymnal is 49 Burning Condors’ Album

I am delighted with the music of this band. In their sound, there is everything I want to hear.

Tradition, innovation but above all the compositional style of artists who do not follow trends but only their instincts.

This music reminded me of Vardruna’s and it is nice to see how cultures as distant as Norwegian and American manage to be so close in music. Sure the instruments are different but the atmosphere created by this wonderful music is very similar to that of the Norwegian band.

The sound of 49 Burning Condors brings with it the stories of the pioneers…screams in the wind that reach us today carried by an ancestral wind.

This album is a masterpiece to be enjoyed in small sips like a glass of aged whiskey.

I have goosebumps and if you want to try this wonderful experience too, I suggest you press the play button.

Seventh Hymnal is 49 Burning Condors’ Album Out Now!


Seventh Hymnal is 49 Burning Condors’ Album

Seventh Hymnal was written during the pandemic; a time of abounding uncertainty, where death loomed around every corner, and chaos lingered in our world, homes, and veins. Our songs are dripping with stories of grief, bodies floating down the river, men drowning to a siren’s song, and of the gods worshipped, who turned calamitous.

Seventh Hymnal is not only an outpouring of all the things we wanted to say but couldn’t express in regular words to those we loved and even to ourselves, but a benediction and examination of a woman’s role of power in the world of men.

Philadelphia’s premier Southern Gothic outfit, 49 Burning Condors, ceremoniously unveiled their latest Witch Rock album, Seventh Hymnal,

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