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Shadow is Songs For Sabotage’s Single & Video

Good Day Noir Family,

Pour the cosmopolitan and turn on the electric blue neon lights and let yourself be carried away by this cover song.

Shadow is Songs For Sabotage’s Single & Video

Songs for Sabotage opens the portal to another dimension.

As soon as I pressed play the vibes of this song made me think of artists like Pet Shop Boys, obviously with a more modern sound and compositional approach.

I had never heard the original version of Shadow by Chromatics but I must say that I liked the interpretation of Songs for Sabotage even more. Especially because they decided to do it at a faster BPM. Absolutely perfect artistic choice in my opinion as it manages to give a completely different flavor to the whole song.

I have been following this musical project for some time and I must say that it is always a pleasure to listen to their music. The singer’s voice and the refined musical arrangements speaks to my soul.

I expect to see Songs For Sabotage at Coachella next year. For their creativity and talent, they deserve to be recognized by the world.

Shadow is Songs For Sabotage’s Single & Video Out Now!

Intense and Magical!

Shadow is Songs For Sabotage’s Single & Video

Howdy! It’s been a minute since we released any new music. We’ve spent the majority of 2022 writing new songs and playing them live; touring California and Arizona throughout the year. We’re currently recording those songs and will be releasing our second album in 2023. The songs are way more synth heavy and much more minimal compared to what we’ve released thus far.

In the meantime we decided to cover Shadow by Chromatics, one of our favorite artists of the last decade. This release is partially in conjunction with our friends over at Darkness Calling, who released the track exclusively on Halloween as a part of their Twin Peaks themed compilation, Wrapped In Plastic.

We love the dreamy soundscape of the original version but really wanted to create a new take on this track. While the original is in a major key, we decided to do ours in the relative minor. We also added a Juno-106 synth bass and upped the tempo to give it a house music type pulse. The result is something that should be played on a dark, haze filled dance floor at 3 am.

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