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Shadow Sides is Shadowbanned’s Album | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Shadowbanned and his album Shadow Sides. I found this artist on Spotify and the vibes of his music intrigued me.

Shadow Sides is Shadowbanned’s Album | Edgar Allan Poets

From the very first notes I realized that I was dealing with a highly experienced songwriter and producer.

The careful choice of sounds and the obsessive attention to every slightest nuance makes this music refined and interesting.

Shadow Sides is a mature album. All the songs are solid and follow a common thread that unites them in a single musical product.

The compositional style is ethereal and profound. Surely Shadowbanned is inspired by the music of the past but his mentality is modern. This combination of past and future makes the music of this talented artist intriguing.

Honestly, I found no flaws with this album. The production is excellent, the interpretation and execution flawless.

An artist with a clear artistic vision that I can recommend to everyone.

Shadow Sides is Shadowbanned’s Album Out Now!


Shadow Sides is Shadowbanned’s Album | Edgar Allan Poets

The lockdown reflected the world’s need to connect… to reach out… and it helped form a connection between vocalist/songwriter Adam Divine & producer/songwriter Shadowbanned. Like so many, they both turned to music for solace during the lockdown – the project started with a reworking of the Police classic “So Lonely”.

Realizing that being disconnected is also an opportunity to be connected, immersing in the world of music and feeling, Adam started to write songs looking inside and looking to the stars for guidance – North Star. Lyrically, Adam is inspired by poetry and rhythm and employs the cut-and-paste techniques of William Burroughs and Je Noon.

Adam’s musical influences are a masala mixtape ranging from the poetics of Elliott Smith to the crunch of Soundgarden – infused with mystical poetry and mantras. Shadowbanned draws from Joni Mitchell, Saint Etienne, and Danger Mouse in equal measure.

Adam Divine is a traveler, a musician, and a walker between the worlds of anatomy & healing. He has been making music for 25 years, combining folk and rock with mystical poetry and mantras.

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