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Shakespeare inspired the boobs is Liv Crash’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Liv Crash in the past but this talented artist is back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

Shakespeare inspired the boobs is Liv Crash’s Single

The professionalism of an artist is seen not only in the quality of his performances but also in the plan and vision he has in mind.

Liv Crash isn’t here to play around but he has a mission to accomplish.

The new single Shakespeare inspired the boobs is part of a bigger project as the full album “Cause even in this album” will be out on July the 7th. Before the big event two more singles will be released to build anticipation.

Also this time I was struck by the great compositional skills of Liv Crash an artist with a monstrous musical technique who enjoys experimenting and following intricate and innovative musical paths.

His courage drives him to create sound recipes that mix different genres that coexist perfectly in a coherent and mature artistic taste.

Shakespeare inspired the boobs is an irreverent and fun song that I recommend everyone to go and listen to.

Shakespeare inspired the boobs is Liv Crash’s Single Out Now!

Unique and Intricate!

Shakespeare inspired the boobs is Liv Crash’s Single

What’s special about this release is that it highlights the incredible creativity that makes the artist so diverse and easy to relate to. The song kicks off with a catchy bass line, and it quickly morphs into a funk-rock banger that really sets the bar higher in terms of rhythm, melody, and color. The guitar work is impressive, with Liv Crash focusing on creating a great combination of attack, melody, and rhythm, echoing the work of influential guitarists such as Cory Wong, John Frusciante, and Nile Rodgers, only to mention a few. The lyrics to “Shakespeare inspired the boobs” are also really fun, tak- ing a stab at the sometimes frivolous and superficial outlook that we can all experience from people on social media. In addition to “Shakespeare in- spired the boobs,” the artist previously released a track named “Cause even in this song,” which is also going to be featured on his forthcoming studio album, aptly titled “Cause even in this album.” Before releasing the full album, Liv Crash will drop two additional singles!

Milan-based musician Liv Crash is a guitarist at heart. He incorporates a melodic blend of rock, funk, and jazz influences into his music, and pens his tunes on his own. Liv Crash’s signature sound, featured in his debut single, “’Cause even in this song”, showcases his versatility by featuring funk and rock guitar parts. Born on May 9, just like the great Billy Joel, Liv Crash was destined for music success. At 13, he began learning piano and started exploring rock music at 17 when he started listening to Iron Maiden. Dave Murray, a highly regarded musician, inspired Liv Crash to begin studying guitar.

Liv Crash chose a black and white American Fender Stratocaster, just like Murray. After he began playing guitar, Liv Crash was hooked on all things guitar and all things music. His songs are influenced by famous guitarists, including David Gilmore, John Petrucci, Pat Martino, Cory Wong, Scott Henderson and more. Now, Liv Crash has a knack for writing music with a clear theme. “’Cause even in this song” has a clear theme of “I don’t care,” evident by the lyrics. Liv Crash believes that life is short and seeks to spread positivity and irony through his lyrics and accompaniment. His long-awaited debut single is perfect to join the party, to care less, and to dance the night away.

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