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Sharks Love Jazz Music, One Study Claims It

Sharks appreciate jazz, especially if they are offered food in exchange. A team of researchers from the University of Macquarie in Sydney would have taught some young sharks from Port Jackson to approach when they heard jazz music just to receive food.

Sharks would prefer jazz to classical music!

According to the study, published in Animal Cognition in 2018, these predators would have begun to associate the noise of a motorboat with food, which is often thrown by tourists on board, particularly when diving in cages, precisely to observe sharks more closely. These animals, according to the research, would have had no difficulty developing “sound-food” associations.

To complicate the test, classical music took over, which would have confused the sharks, unable to distinguish it from jazz. “It was obvious – explained one of the researchers – that the sharks had sensed they had to do something, but they couldn’t figure out where to go”.

Like many marine animals, sharks can easily follow noises underwater, where, on the other hand, the sounds propagate faster. However, unlike other species, they may therefore be able to differentiate musical stimuli and associate a particular rhythm with a certain ‘culinary prize’.

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