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Shoulder to Shoulder is Wasson!?’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Wasson!? unleashes a nostalgic punk-rock vibe in their single “Shoulder to Shoulder,” echoing the spirited sounds of the late ’90s and early 2000s.

Shoulder to Shoulder is Wasson!?’s Single Out Now

The band’s dedication to their project is palpable.

The singer’s voice stands out with a solid and passionate interpretation, injecting the entire song with a powerful surge of energy.

The vocals serve as a driving force, complementing the high-frequency, guitar-driven music that envelops the track in a wild punk halo.

The band’s commitment to spending ample time in the rehearsal room shines through, creating an enviable alchemy that defines their sound.

“Shoulder to Shoulder” not only captivates with its musicality but also delivers inspiring lyrics that urge listeners to focus on significant relationships and nurture the bonds with those they love.

The chord progression maintains a solid foundation, providing a sturdy structure for the band’s impeccable performance.

Wasson!? showcases a collective talent that elevates the single, making it a compelling recommendation for the masses.

Shoulder to Shoulder is Wasson!?’s Single Out Now!

Passionate Interpretation!

Shoulder to Shoulder is Wasson!?’s Single Out Now

Hailing from Bude, Cornwall, Wasson!? Comprises of Ryan Leverton (Vocals / guitar) Ben Clarke (Guitar) Brook Osborne (Bass / Guitar) Ben Edwards (Drums) and Igor Forsinetti (Keyboard / Bass). With influences as wide ranging as their musical talents Wasson!? continue to dine out off gig reviews such as “they weren’t actually that bad” and “not f*****g awful”.

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