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Sing Out Loud is Sano Hill’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Sano Hill is entertaining us with a new song Sing Out Loud. This song will charge you with positive vibes.

Sing Out Loud is Sano Hill’s Single

It is human nature to find strength in the most difficult moments.

A hard time for the world has just passed and now we are starting to see some sun among the clouds again.

People go out again and they seem to rediscover life for a second time.

Sano Hill managed, with this song, to describe these beautiful emotions but also the difficulties that accompanied humans during this time and the insecurities that rose into our souls.

This artist is always able to raise the bar and propose songs with a profound meaning that become photographs of the era we are living in.

Sano Hill continues to give emotions with his beautiful songs.

Sing Out Loud is Sano Hill’s Single Out Now!


Sing Out Loud is Sano Hill’s Single

Sing Out Loud is the fourth single off my forthcoming album, “If Not Now, When?” – this is perhaps the track that most directly addresses that title. In the post-pandemic world we all inhabit, this song is about reconnecting with the world and each other and celebrating the joy of living and the potential of every moment to bring insight. The song explores this theme by focusing on a singer/songwriter and his attempt to come to terms with his own fears and insecurities, to believe in his music and voice and perform again, to ‘Sing Out Loud’.

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