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Eat and Sleep at the Original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Gas Station

The famous frightening gas station shown within the iconic “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” film had for a long time been left, becoming shabby, and even worse. Until 2016, the Fan couple Lise and her husband (Roy Rose) renovated and reopened the building presently called the Gas station and made it the perfect barbecue spot for the fans.

To me, personally, the idea of visiting the real-movie destination sounds like a plan. Also, all the Leatherface fans would be glad to grasp that the original movie location is now a restaurant. The fans can now visit thousands of miles to celebrate the 1974 cult classic.

After all, we all crave the thrill that accompanies a quick meal. Yes, it is a place where you will be served barbecue and likely get the opportunity to purchase all movie-related merchandise (i.e., shirts and bumper stickers). The Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station (with four rustic cabins, a single shared bathroom, a campsite) is waiting for you.

So, Texas has the spot for all the real horror movie buffs. You can now pay your visit there and even stay at night only if you dare to. The hotel is waiting for you to give you your best dining experience.
The movie, back in 1974, was one of the scariest movies that scared the shit out of people. The main character Leatherface, the initial slasher king, insanely and savagely kills individuals. Not only he kills them but makes made masks out of them.

The movie terrified people so horribly that they were even afraid to travel out at night. Perhaps, it was one of the spookiest movies of all time. The movie had a huge fan base that made it popular overnight.

The majority of the movie’s massacre took place in and around a frightening farmhouse belonging to Leatherface and his cannibalistic family. Meanwhile, the gas station played a fair and adequate part within the original film.

The movie was all horror. I am sure none of you could dare to tour the gas station in actuality. Now, it is possible to visit this horror yet the adventurous place where the movie was filmed. The Gas station, shortly, is a must-stop for horror-inclined fans.

Long story short, your stay at the gas station would be terrifying yet adventurous. Take your obsession to another level and rent the Gas Station for only $130 for a night. I bet you will enjoy the menu and be offered night stays in the spooky Gas Station.

“It is just fascinating to visit this horror hot-spot and feel the movie.” said the Gas Station Co-owner Lise Rose.
All in all, the restaurant lets the fans enjoy their dinner, book a night at the lodge, get their classic Texas meal, with sausages, beans, potato, and salad, etc. Surely the Chainsaw Massacre fans will appreciate the opportunity to indulge in and feel the real movie site. Indeed, the Texas “Gas Station” is now a new tourist destination for all the horror buffs.

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