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Sleepy Policeman is 9 o’clock Nasty’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,

the most eclectic band on the music scene amazes us today with an unexpected twist.

Sleepy Policeman is 9 o’clock Nasty’s Single

When you thought it was no longer possible for this band to make you say WOW… like magicians they pulled the rabbit out of the hat. I have already said it several times but here we are faced with guys from another planet.

Like the title of a Katy Perry song … Nasty 9 o’clock is “A Part of Me”.

Every now and then I feel like a drug addict as I feel the need to get a dose of their music. Luckily, they are excellent drug dealers and continue to supply me with a lot of good stuff.

As I write to you I am intoxicated while listening to their new single Sleepy Policeman… when you are high you better have some dumb cops around, so the title has already won me over.

This song opens a new chapter in the history of this band. In my opinion with this tune, they came very close to the musical vision of the Beastie Boys and their evolution continues.

The new 9 o’clock Nasty looks like a psychedelic version of the Gorillaz.

I really appreciated this new approach because I think it goes well with their playful personalities.

A genre that seems to fit them perfectly and that allows them to be able to express their irony without barriers.

Distorted guitars always carry strong vibes with them and the message can take on different shades and become irreverent and provocative.

With a “slyer” sound, it is possible to appreciate even more the “I don’t give a F @@ k” compositional style of the 9 o’clock Nasty.

Always Fantastic!

Sleepy Policeman is 9 o’clock Nasty’s Single Out Now!


Sleepy Policeman is 9 o’clock Nasty’s Single

Welcome to the world of the sleepy policeman, elite law enforcement professionals, trained to give their lives to protect the rich, degenerate scum that they hold in utter contempt Let’s face it, there are some scumbags about, and the rich ones are well protected.

Sleepy Policeman is a new start. We think we’ve shown the world we can make a garage rock anthem. Instead of giving you 16 more, we’re going to take you to some new places.

Late at night the pirate radio of Leicester crackles and hums. Bhangra and dub merge and hiss and the sound invades our brains as we try to sleep while the 24 hour news reminds us that evil walks amongst us. That unsettling sonic brew was the starting point for Sleepy Policeman.

Find 9 o’clock Nasty Here:


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