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Slowburner is The Palfreyman Collective’s single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed  The Palfreyman Collective in the past but today I will focus on their single Slowburner.

Slowburner is The Palfreyman Collective’s single

The voice in this song enters your soul. That hoarse speaks to your heart and somehow he is able to take you back in time.

The video that seems recorded in Super 8 perfectly describes the vibes of this song.

A wild ride, without a precise destination in the Uk countryside… what a great way to feel free.

Slowburner makes you feel like Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda in the movie Easy Rider. The sound is great with that repetitive groove that beats at the speed of your heartbeat.

The Palfreyman Collective is always able to give strong emotions and this song charges you with positive energy to face life with the right attitude.

The arrangements are exceptional. A song to listen to and listen to until the play button wears out.

Slowburner is The Palfreyman Collective’s single Out Now!

Pure Energy!

Slowburner is The Palfreyman Collective’s single

Slow Burner is the new single from The Palfreyman Collective and taken from the debut album, ‘The Palfreyman Collective’.

The Palfreyman Collective is a group of musicians and singers put together by songwriter David Palfreyman.

Starting out as a trombone player in his early teens, David Palfreyman performed at the Royal Albert Hall and other venues around the UK with The William Rhodes School Band and Rhodian Brass, leading to his first experience of studio recording playing trombone on the 1980 LP The Sound Of Rhodian Brass. Switching from trombone to guitar, Palfreyman played and sang with a number of bands during the late 1980s and early 1990s, before forming his first group, The Custard Garage, in 1995. Having turned solo, he released the first Malf EP in 2008.
Palfreyman trained as an actor at Richmond Drama School in the UK (part of Richmond Adult Community College), graduating in 2000. His acting work includes productions for the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, the Canal Cafe Theatre in London, and the Horla Theatre Company. TV credits include appearances in EastEnders and Peak Practice, voice-overs for the BBC’s Newsnight and Sky Sports’ Modern Pentathlon World Cup coverage, and roles in the films Oi Queer, Baseline and Brassed Off. He appears as himself in Cheques, Lies and Videotape, a documentary about pirate videos which appears on the DVD release of the Doctor Who serial Revenge of the Cybermen and also the Dr Who – Season 14 Blu ray box set.
David Palfreyman is best known for the 2017 double album Decades, a collaboration with Nicholas Pegg, for which Palfreyman wrote the music and lyrics, singing lead vocal on several tracks.
Alongside Palfreyman and Pegg, the album features a cast of notable actors, singers and musicians, including David Warner, Richard Coyle, Jacqueline Pearce, Jan Ravens, Simon Greenall, Sarah Jane Morris and Cassidy Janson.

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