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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – Solar Strides

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Solar Strides. I discovered this band while shuffling songs on Spotify and I instantly loved the vibes of their music.

Really nice energy comes out of Solar Strides’ songs. A continuous crescendo of emotions in the classic English style.

The sound is beautiful, the guitars, the arpeggiators with the bass create the groove while the drums move a little bit more creating a beautiful alchemy.

The band plays very well, they are great musicians!

The voice is very nice, I like the timbre that sometimes reminded me of Oasis’ voice, even if it’s cleaner than Liam Gallagher’s.

The project is very well organized and the band seems to have clear ideas on how to propose its music to the general public.

Frankly, there are no flaws in Solar Strides’ songs, they are well built with captivating melodic lines and surely their genre and their songs are mature for the general public.

A new ray of sunshine in the English music scene!

Maybe that’s why they call themselves Solar Strides.

What’s Wrong, What’s Right is Solar Strides’ Single Out Now!

Beautiful music ready for the big step!


Ali Horn · End Credits

Quote: “Having just raised over £1,000 in a recent live-stream gig that was watched by 250 households, ‘What’s Wrong, What’s Right’, the single off our upcoming EP ‘Demo’s From Darker Days’.

The track was recorded entirely from Jack’s (frontman/guitarist) bedroom, and serves as a reminder that DIY music is obtainable for bands that are fairly fresh to the scene, even in the face of the current adversity which the music industry in the UK is facing.

Musically, the track is full of hooks and uplifting melodies with a feel-good vibe that is sure to get anyone that hears it up and dancing and features a more synth-based tone than our previous releases.

The track details a ‘coming of age’ scene, with the storyline depicting a parent talking to their child about the ups and downs they will experience in the real world, and that staying true to their ability to see right from wrong will get them a long way”.


Find Solar Strides Here:


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