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Somebody Stole My Name is Old Man Clan’s Ep

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured artist is Old Man Clan and his Ep Somebody Stole My Name.

Somebody Stole My Name is Old Man Clan’s Ep

This artist has the great gift of transferring his most hidden emotions into music.

Surely we are dealing with a musician with a lot of talent and with a great compositional experience behind him which always allows him to make the best artistic decision.

I listened to this Ep several times and let myself be carried away by the musical vision of Old Man Clan.

This artist likes to experiment and in his songs, he searches for different and contrasting emotions. We go from the epic ‘Bishop’s Takedown’ to the nostalgic ballad ‘Oh Michael, Look At Your Knees’ to the sweet ‘Worry Doll’ up to the energetic ‘Somebody Stole My Name’.

A very intriguing musical journey. All songs are solid and mature.

I advise everyone to listen to this beautiful Ep more than once…you have to savor it as a glass of aged whiskey, in small sips to appreciate all the nuances.

Somebody Stole My Name is Old Man Clan’s Ep out now!

Intense and Deep!

Somebody Stole My Name is Old Man Clan’s Ep

Old Man Clan is Alternative, Ambient Blues; textured and full of heart. This is his second EP, more accessible with a little more polish. Listeners and followers find their own words in the spaces he creates.

“We rebuild ourselves with vigour and hold back from lashing out. The story of the Old Man is quiet restraint, for others, so they never have to know.”

Old Man Clan is Matt Simpson, these are his scars, his joy and his hope. Find your own story reflected in these spaces.

The Title Track, ‘Somebody Stole My Name’, is an Indie banger. Following the subtlety of ‘Worry Doll’, it is a release of energy from the reality of ID Impersonation.
‘Oh Michael, Look at Your Knees’ is the pivot – inspired by the need to make amends when the difference between duty and wants, the conversing guitar lines hold their own conversation.
‘Bishop’s Takedown’ teases of pop-melancholy before finishing hard into ‘Last Night; Last Song’ where the dynamics build this closing anthem leaving a soft exhaustion and post -festival smile. That was a good night.

Matt, is deeply proud of this self produced work, the rough edges of the piece reflect the real artist.

Find Old Man Clan Here:


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