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Somehow I’m Alive is Carley Varley’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
this artist gives us another wonderful experience with her new single Somehow I’m Alive.

Somehow I’m Alive is Carley Varley’s Single

This song marks another stage in Carley Varley’s artistic development.

Personally, I really liked that she added some grit to her way of composing music. Distorted guitars in my opinion can distinguish her sound from similar productions.

Carley Varley’s voice reminded me of Taylor Swift’s and adding a more rock arrangement creates a truly unique sound blend.

Already in the past, I had appreciated her great songwriting skills but in my opinion with this song, she adds a very important block to build her artistic vision.

Somehow I’m Alive reminded me of a mellower version of Evanescence. It is precisely this balance between pop and rock/hard rock that makes this new approach very intriguing.

The production is professional but this is nothing new since Carley Varley is here to give her best.

Somehow I’m Alive is Carley Varley’s Single Out Now!


Somehow I’m Alive is Carley Varley’s Single

Carley Varley is an Alternative Pop/Rock Artist based in Winchester UK. After releasing Pop Music for the past few years, Carley decided to go back to her roots and release music in a genre that she was truly inspired by. Carley grew up listening to bands like Linkin Park and Paramore, her music and writing is heavily influenced by these incredible bands.

Somehow I’m Alive is a song that hones in on the feeling of anxiety, of feeling trapped with no way to escape the negative thoughts you have. The instrumentation and her powerful vocals really add to the heaviness of the lyrics.

Carley is releasing the rest of her Homesick EP in 2023.

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