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Song 8 is The Well Bears’ New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
The Well Bears is back with his psychedelic vision of reality. This artist always manages to blow you away with his music that comes from another planet.

Song 8 is The Well Bears’ New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Yes, because if you haven’t figured it out yet, even if all this seems like a joke, The Well Bears is an alien who came to earth to change the world of music.

His sound brings with it the magic of the Orion constellation and the warmth of Alpha Centauri. Obviously to be understood by us humans he has modified some things to make our brains capable of processing this information.

Inside his sound, there seems to be a coded message that will allow mankind to evolve. Obviously, since he is the messenger of a very advanced civilization, his music can only be brilliant.

Super 8 is a tune that entertains you from start to finish with a fast rhythmic cadence and a melody that in some moments made me think of Daft Punk.

The whistle then stays in your head for a long time after listening. I really like the project and the musical vision of this artist.

Song 8 is The Well Bears’ Single Out Now!


Song 8 is The Well Bears’ New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

The esoteric duo “The Well Bears” (software engineer Ron Welber and music producer Shay Moshe Moshe) return with a new single, even stranger than its predecessor (UFO). This time they focus on the nightmare scenario of an alien invasion of Earth, in a song called “Song 8”.

Disclosure – Song 8 started out as a filler song for the alien concept album they are working on, which probably explains its banal name (this is the eighth song they have ever worked on together). However, while working the song evolved into a powerful and interesting enough piece, which eventually led to the decision to release it as the band’s second single.

Similar to the previous single, Song 8 is also a rock song accompanied by mysterious whistles, but the atmosphere this time is completely different. The song has a fast and disturbing rhythm, simulating a sense of persecution, and the lyrics are gloomy as well. The song deals with a stressful situation, but the chorus has a slightly soothing character in relation to the stressful verses. The result is strange and interesting.

The edgy clip conveys messages of chaos and persecution, yet manages to remain comical as well. It’s still unclear if The Well Bears are more serious or more cynical around this issue of aliens.

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