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Spirals is Kate Ellis’ Album Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Kate Ellis continues to compose music and she is able to bring her dreams and her magical intuitions to reality.

This time this fantastic artist entertains us with an entire album.

I hit the play button and let the notes flow on me like the water in the river. I imagined myself watching the sunset as the river flowed inexorably in front of me, and I thought about life passing by so quickly.

I am a Kate Ellis fan, I love the way she sings and I believe in the words of her songs. Her music touches deep emotions.

I shed a tear listening to The Story You’ve Been Told, a deep and intimate tune that moved me a lot.

All the songs on the album are beautiful, I frankly found no fault with Spirals …. in my opinion, a masterpiece.

Masterfully recorded and interpreted by this great artist.

Spirals is Kate Ellis’ Album Now!



My sophomore album ‘Spirals’ is about getting lost in the maze of obstacles and pain we encounter in life – how we go around in circles inside our head, or try to get back things we can’t, or solve a pain there’s no solution to. And it’s about getting out of these spirals to a more peaceful place on the other side. The collection of songs came out of a process of soul searching that allowed me to quiet the thought storms in my head and find my balance in the world.

The record was produced by John Reynolds who has recorded and produced iconic artists such as Sinéad O’Connor (who he was married to and the drummer for), the Indigo Girls, Daniel Lanois, Brian Eno, Belinda Carlisle, The Cranberries, and Damian Dempsey.

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