Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | spwn-kill <3 is Hangtime's Ep | Indie Music
spwn-kill <3 is Hangtime's Ep | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Hangtime but this talented producer and artist is back with a new cool Ep and I want to share my opinion about it.

spwn-kill <3 is Hangtime’s Ep | Indie Music

This time this eclectic producer entertains us with music that in some moments reminded me of Prodigy.

A chaotic and acid sound environment that manages to speak to your unconscious creating ancestral visions and journeys towards the unknown.

What I like the most about Hangtime’s compositional style is that I feel in his music the restlessness of his rebellious soul.

Although this music is not rock, in these songs there is a punk, metal, and rock attitude.

The irreverence of the melodic lines and the compositional freedom make this musical project fascinating and hypnotic.

The production is impeccable and the refined choices of sounds demonstrate a developed artistic taste.

Absolutely reconfirmed!

spwn-kill <3 is Hangtime’s Ep Out Now!

Modern and Refined!

spwn-kill <3 is Hangtime’s Ep | Indie Music

hangtime is always been quite distinctive for their one-of-a-kind ability to blend in different styles, and their most recent release, spwn-kill , is definitely no exception. This remarkable new addition to the artist’s discography feels like a truly powerful take on their sound, combining all of the influences that make their music so special with a charismatic and one-of-a-kind flow. The mood of the song is quite immersive and cinematic, with a strong emphasis on the vocals, but also with a balanced instrumental that always serves as a perfect backbone for the main leading melodies to unfold. Ultimately, spwn-kill is a truly perfect example of what hangtime can accomplish, and it feels like an excellent way for the artist to build on their sonic legacy, expanding on their discography with new awesome material. This release features outstanding production chops and a very notable performance from the artist, who is not afraid to go all-in and truly ignite the music with as much energy and emotion as possible.

spwn-kill is a great calling card for the artist, and it is a great gateway for hangtime’s music, especially if you actually love to listen to artists who draw outside the lines and stray from the beaten path, taking their creativity to a whole new level of excellence and innovation. That said, hangtime still retains all the warm and familiar quality that you would expect from music that creates an instant connection with the audience.


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