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St Michaelmas Danse (Part Two) is Beatnik Party’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Band is Beatnik Party and their single St Michaelmas Danse (Part Two).

St Michaelmas Danse (Part Two) is Beatnik Party’s Single

I immediately liked the wild and raw style proposed by this band.

A compositional style that looks to the past but manages to be modern at the same time. I really like instinctive music, pure expression of the emotions that fill our soul.

The production is deliberately left raw and in my opinion, it is a perfect artistic choice for this kind of music.

In this way, everything seems more direct and sincere. Beatnik Party does not follow commercial rules in composing its music. Their instinct drives them to compose their songs.

In a world where computers have taken over, music played with real instruments is rare. It is always a pleasure to find bands and artists who make music … the real one.

St Michaelmas Danse (Part Two) is Beatnik Party’s Single Out Now!

Direct and Free!

St Michaelmas Danse (Part Two) is Beatnik Party’s Single

Bassist Michael Henry and drummer Jenyr Ramma got married in 1995; Beatnikparty formed a year later while the couple were living in Temecula, CA. They’d met at a Denny’s following the first show of Henry’s then-new death rock band Jonestown Julep circa 1990. Henry later played bass in punk band Twisted Nixon after which he formed Beatnikparty in 1996, initially a spoken word recording project.

Beatnikparty went live after Henry and Ramma relocated to Seattle, WA in 2000. Performing with a succession of drummers, recordings were compiled resulting in the cassette-only release RxWriting History (not issued until 2012). The DIY project nonetheless resulted in the song “Sk8 or Die” being featured in an episode of The Learning Channel’s Property Ladders. The couple’s frustration with the unending succession of drummers and guitarists led to Ramma getting a cocktail drumset (a streamlined set-up with a single drum acting as the kick and snare, with the pedal striking from underneath the drum) and thus becoming Beatnikparty’s permanent drummer in 2004. That same year they released Beatnikparty: The Bass Diaries (Vol 12:21); the 12-inch self-release was featured in Bass Guitar magazine.

Michael and Jenyr started on the follow-up, Love Your Face, following the couple moving to Olympia, WA. Relocation to Boise, ID followed in 2008, where the band performed regularly and was making some noticeable headway. Progress was halted when the couple was rear-ended and pushed into an oncoming school bus in a life-interrupting accident in 2011. A long recovery ensued, during which time the records that were completed were assembled and released as Love Your Face in 2012, a white- jacket 12-inch with identical programming on both side A and B and no printed information outside of the title. Also in 2012, the duo relocated (again) to Coolidge, AZ, where they seem to be settled, at least for now. After a few shows at Tempe’s renowned rock venue Hollywood Alley, the band went on hiatus in 2013 where they remained, until now.

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