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Stardust is David Baron’s Single & Video

Good Day Noir Family,
David Baron continues to give indelible moments of art. This video and song will blow your mind…pure art!

Stardust is David Baron’s Single & Video

A beautiful experience, the beauty of this song and this video is indescribable.

The collaboration between David Baron and Fiona Glenn is always a winner.

This artist’s voice is so beautiful that it makes you think of the ocean… the one you see in the video. David Baron’s musical intuitions are always outstanding.

The colors chosen for the video describe the ethereal atmosphere of this song…a sweetness that leaves you speechless. Using a vintage camera adds a special texture and charm to the film.

Then around the second minute, some futuristic pads manage to give that sci-fi touch that takes this song into a distant galaxy.

Nature is so predominant and surrounds this fascinating story. The details make it clear that we are facing a spatial vision in a timeless universe.

This song and video are pure art.

Stardust is David Baron’s Single & Video Out Now!


Stardust is David Baron’s Single & Video

Stardust is a love song that takes place in a space dream. Fiona Glenn first recorded Whisperers with David Baron when she was thirteen – and now she’s a senior in high school. She brings a beautiful melancholy to the lyrics. The psychedelic guitars were all played by Kevin Kadish. Kadish is best known as a successful pop songwriter but he is a secret weapon as an excellent guitarist. Kadish loves to search for the perfect parts.

David Baron is a composer/producer from Woodstock who features on 26 platinum records.


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